Project Overview

Work packages

Work packages


WP 1 Project management of CSA-part

Objective of WP 1 is to provide project management for the whole project. Guidance of project partners with respect to the CSA part of THALEA in order to ensure that tasks will be carried out according to time schedule, budgets, and resources.
During project management activities will be planed, coordinated, administered, monitored, and managed. Provision of deliverables is also an objective. Further objectives are to solve problems and adapt actions if necessary.

 WP 2 PCP-process

Main objective of this central PCP WP is to design a PCP process applicable to THALEA. Therefore, experience of all consortium partners is combined with knowledge of other sources in order to develop best possible solutions for PCP.
Development of PCP-knowledge and dissemination of it is a crucial activity within WP 2.

WP 3 Call for tender

Main objective of this WP is collection of sufficient amount of information from IT, Law and ICU experts and every other relevant input identified by advisory board, in order to develop a scenario convertible in a call for tender for the current project. Other activities include a cooperative development of a scorecard for a transparent decision-process and provision of specific functional requirements for pilot products. By means of the functional specifications it will be possible for the manufacturers to develop suitable products. Information will be collected by the core consortium and their clinical specialists.

WP 4 Administration of competition- product evaluation

Work package four strives to administer the competition and deliver a sound product evaluation. Product evaluation needs to take place to guarantee conformity with product specifications. Coordination of companies selected to run R&D pilots is also an objective of this work package.

WP 5 Reviews

It is expected that during course of THALEA further understanding of processes will be developed by actual implementation of this scheme. This actuality demands capturing the learning process and provide feedback to consortium partners regarding CSA- and CP-part. Therefore, another aim of this WP is to give recommendations about procedures and course of action. These will be used to modify any actions if necessary including performance of suppliers. In the sense of quality management reviews recommendations will be given on the PCP-process e.g. for development of PCP guidelines in the healthcare sector.

WP 6 Dissemination

Activities like dissemination of draft of plans and ambition will be crucial in first phase. After that dissemination will focus on results and lessons learnt. Further aims are to strengthen collaboration among partners within the project by internal information; stimulating collaboration with other relevant EU-projects by providing information; outreach use of PCP and lessons learnt among known and potential stakeholders; presenting tools to meet the challenge of lack of ICU-capacities and this challenge as a pilot for telemonitoring and telemedicine as means to respond to the challenges of demographic changes and improving the efficiency in critical care terms; closing the research and innovation divide within Europe, in two convergence regions as a pilot; disseminating the project research results among known and potential stakeholders.

WP 7 PCP pilot-products

Main objective of this WP is to develop prototypical technologies in order to address specified need of THALEA. IT research and development will be done by suppliers and not by the members of the consortium. It covers all activities, like feasibility studies, prototype development and production of companies who have got an contract as part of THALEA PCP call.