Thalea 2 PPI overview

THALEA enables Intensive Care Units to improve the care for acutely live-threatened patients by telemedicine and telemonitoring. Within the Thalea project, an ICU telemedicine system is developed using pre-commercial procurement(PCP); an oppertunity to develop new solutions and to introduce new technologies and products in cooperation between suppliers and hospitals.

Thalea 2 project overview thalea 2

Public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) shortens the route to market, sets free the potential of early adopters to implement an innovation and enables public procurers to efficiently answer market demands of innovative products. THALEA II is the first follow-up PPI in healthcare for Intensive Care Units (ICU). It will bring an innovative product to the European healthcare market aiming to mitigate negative impacts of one of the greatest European socio-economic challenges of the 21st century in healthcare: Ageing of society and workforce. This development challenges the healthcare sector, due to an imbalance between the increasing number of EU-citizens requiring care and the decreasing number of human resources on the caregiving side. Thus, there is an urgent need for innovative solutions disburdening healthcare professionals. There is evidence suggesting that telemedicine has the ability to mitigate these problematic pan-European challenges. The promising technology of THALEA II will be implemented helping to save more lives and as a result increasing patients' quality of life. This project will create the potential to increase European competitiveness and exceed research and development in comparison to the US and demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach with respect to innovative management and procurement methods. 

Work packages

WP1 : Project management
The objective is to provide project management for the whole project. Guidance of the project partners in order to ensure that the tasks will be carried out according to the time-schedule, budgets, and resources.
During project management activities will be planed, coordinated, administered, monitored, and managed. Provision of deliverables is also an objective. Further objectives are problem solving and adaption of actions if necessary. Preparation, management and follow-up the PPI call for tender are also tasks in this work package.

WP2: Preparation of procurement
Main objective of this central work package is to design a PPI process applicable to THALEA II. Therefore, experience of all consortium partners is combined with knowledge of other sources in order to develop best possible solutions for PPI. Another important objective is to identify future customers (buyers of a THALEA II solution).

WP3: Procurement / tendering
Objective of this work package is the collection of a sufficient amount of information from IT, Law and ICU experts and every other relevant input identified by the advisory board, in order to develop a scenario convertible in a call for tender for this PPI. Cooperative development of a scorecard for a transparent decision – process is another central objective. Providing specific functional requirements for certified products. Of importance within this work package will be the development of a sound call for tender document package.

WP4: Contract implementation
The main objective of work package four is to monitor the implementation of the products delivered by chosen providers and to observe the contract implementation during the execution phase. Therefore, the work package was designed to monitor and evaluate the contract implementation.

As leader of work package four, FPT will be responsible for overall assessment and coordination of monitoring activities. However, every member of the buyers group who will purchase a telemedical solution, will receive an implementation protocol and an assessment matrix, which offer a framework and guidance during the implementation of the product.

WP5: Communication, exploitation & dissemination of results
Main objective of this work package is disseminating the project results among known and potential stakeholders. Dissemination activities will concern the project plan and ambition in the first phase. Later on in the project, dissemination will focus on results and lessons learnt.

WP6: Additional networking & coordination activities
This work package aims at a wider exploitation and a greater awareness on the demand side, in order to add value to the PPI action in the current project and identify potential future customers. Furthermore, obstacles hindering introduction and implementation of the solution into the market should be identified, minimized, and removed.