Call for Tender

Market consultation

This Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) aims at developing an interoperable, manufacturer-independent telemedicine-platform for detection of ICU-patients at increased risk. This PCP aims also at enabling regional or national ICU telemedicine centers to improve the care of critically ill patients. The new innovative ICU telemedicine system to be developed in THALEA makes it possible to gather information from different types of patient data management systems, analyze and condense the massed data from all monitored patients into relevant information and to present this information to monitoring physicians at regional telemedicine centers. With help of the THALEA system, it will become possible to give expert intensive care to patients regionally.

The market consultation was an essential part of the preparation of the THALEA PCP Challenge. With the market consultation, the consortium wanted to get insight into the market; the state of the art and future developments of telemonitoring and telemedicine systems in order to prepare an adequate procurement with the right and feasible scope. In order to gain this knowledge, all companies in the EU were invited to fill in an online questionnaire on the THALEA PCP Challenge. The Market Consultation questionnaire was open until February, 28th.

The output of the market consultation gave a broad insight into the current state of the art of telemedicine and telemonitoring systems. It allowed contributors to give feedback on what technologies should be included in THALEA system, where they see the biggest technical challenges and what more information should be shared in order to make scope of the challenge clearer. The contributors also gave valuable comments concerning data protection and privacy issues. It was indicated by the contributors that the budget for a THALEA solution was adequate. The consortium was pleased to find out that 100% out of respondents expressed their interest in applying to the challenge.

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