Project Overview

Management structure

Management Structure

Project management will be organized at two levels, consisting of a steering committee and a project board assisted by a project office.

The steering committee will determine strategic direction and alignment of THALEA. The steering committee is assembled from representatives of purchasers and academic partners of all partners and is the ultimate decision body.

The steering committee is supported by an advisory board. The advisory board will provide assurance of decisions ensuring constructive dialogue with independent specialist societies, thus guaranteeing equality and transparency in a fair competition.

The project board will meet twice a year, while a quarterly meeting rhythm will be supported by teleconferences to minimize travel expenditures and carbon emissions. The board will communicate with WP leaders from Finland (WP 3), from Spain (WP 4), from Belgium (WP 5), and from the Netherlands (WP6).
The project board will monitor on a weekly basis, including coordination between work packages. Project management will be shared between a procurement staff member and an academic partner. The project office will be run by UKA and will facilitate activities of the board and organize project meetings.