How to register on

The Thalea Pre-Commercial Procurement Call for Tender has been published. You can find the tender documents on the official procurement platform of the State of North Rhine Westphalia under "Thalea". Tenders published on this platform are automatically also published on TED – Tenders Electronic Daily. The Call will be open until 25.11.2014.

How to register on

(you can also download a step-by-step presentation below)

Go to

  1. Click “Registrierung” on the left side of the page
  2. General Information page (Information):
    • Fill in the application form. Fields with * are mandatory;
    • Email confirmation: After completion of application you will receive Login details and password;
    • Finish registration: Registration process is finished after first login.

    Please click on “weiter”

  3. Company details (Daten des Unternehmens): Fill in company details. Click “weiter”
  4. Industry (Branche): Choose an industry by clicking on “Kategorie(n) bearbeiten”.This step is NOT MANDATORY. Click on “weiter”
  5. Personal details (Eigene Daten): Fill in personal details. Click “weiter”
  6. Confirmation (Bestätigung): Check your application. Check the general terms of condition (“ich akzeptiere die AGB”). Click “Registrierung abschließen”.
  7. After finishing the registration process you will receive a confirmation email which contains the link to the evergabe platform. You can log in (by clicking "anmelden" on the left side of the page) with your created account details. After that you will be able to download all tender documents in English by typing THALEA into the search.

After successful application you will be able to login and download project information and call for tender documents. 

Round table meetings

As a starting signal and an opportunity to meet other parties, we will organize Round table meetings in two locations. Read more