Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

NL Agency is a division of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs that carries out policy and subsidy programmes focussing on sustainability, innovation, international business and cooperation. NL Agency is the number one contact point for businesses, knowledge institutions and government bodies who are seeking information and advice about financing, networking and regulatory matters.

NL Agency supports various programmes in the field of sustainable economic growth in developing countries and emerging markets. These programmes focus on innovative pilot projects, joint-investments and transfer of technology, knowledge and skills in social and economic sectors. This is achieved through business cooperation and through cooperation between business and training- and knowledge institutes. Local and international private companies are encouraged to invest and to play a role in economic growth and poverty reduction.

 'Answers for Business' (Antwoord voor bedrijven) is also part of NL Agency. This organisation provides businesses with information about Dutch government permits, laws and subsidies and thus also on the programmes and schemes of NL Agency.

 Furthermore, NL Agency works closely with Syntens Innovation Centre, the Netherlands national innovation network for entrepreneurs.