Agència d'Informació, Avaluació i Qualitat en Salut

AIAQSAgència d'Informació, Avaluació i Qualitat en Salut AIAQS is the Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assessment and Quality; it is a public non-profit organization and makes part of the Catalan Department of Health.

AIAQS comprises four organizational units:

  • Evaluation of technologies, research and quality in health. Its activity lines are: Health technologies assessment, Health Care quality assessment and Research in Health Sciences. Since 1998 AIAQS is a Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organisation for the assessment of medical technologies.
  • Integration of Information Systems and ICT applied to health. This unit is the responsible of the management of the ICT strategic projects Catalan Electronic Medical Record, Catalan Personal Health Folder, e-prescription, Telemedicine and Telecare Plan and Plan to digitalise Medical Images
  • Catalan Health System Observatory
  • Innovation: This unit is working very close with Catalan Department of Health in the development of the two procurement instruments: Public Procurement of Innovation and Pre-Commercial Procurement.