Aachen University Hospital

rwth AachenUniversity Hospital Aachen (UKA) is a modern University hospital in Germany located in the „Euregio“ next to Belgium and the Netherlands. It comprises 1300 beds including more than 200 ICU beds caring for more than 45.000 in-hospital and 250.000 ambulatory patients annually. It offers superior expertise in intensive care, being the national centre of excellence. Since its foundation convergence of medicine and technology is the medical faculty's mission and core area being part of the RWTH (Rheinisch-Westfälisch Technische Hochschule), which is one of Universities of Excellence in Germany. Development of innovative, telemedical solutions is part of the mid to long-term strategy of UKA, North-Rhine- Westphalia’s and federal authorities. As a consequence UKA founded a centre for telemedicine at the UKA. UKA as a public institution acts as a procurer on its own behalf.

Fields of Competence

There is a longstanding robust experience and substantial expertise present at the UKA. There have been numerous large-scale procurement procedures conducted and successfully completed. As in recent projects,proven and tested close cooperation of academic, ICT- and procurement partners of this institution ensures efficient communication and realization of interdisciplinary projects, which enables successful project coordination. The hospital-wide implementation of a PDMS system is one of the examples within the last years (patient data management system at 290 work-places in the intensive care, emergency and operating theatre areas).UKA as procurer is familiar with all national and international tendering and contracting procedures as well as the legal framework. UKA - as part of the RWTH University of excellence - relates medical expertise, with research and technology and creates by means of that a unique working environment. As scientifically and academically driven institution, it gathered special expertise in telemedicine. Within the centre of telemedicine several telemedicine projects were successfully implemented and are still part of the clinical program, which provides necessary experience for the current project. Thus, at the UKA based on the corporate identity, management, ICT and medical expertise acting together enabling a successful knowledge transfer from technical and procurement innovation towards better daily clinical practice in intensive care medicine by solving a technical need